The Platform for Your One-stop Cloud and AI Services.

Feature 01

Cloud Management

We help you manage your cloud resources and infrasturctures so that you can focus on your core tasks.

Feature 02

AI Service

We offer Al consulting and implementation services to help you build applications.

Feature 03

Private App Store

Manage all your models and applications with our platform. Build your own app store!

Feature 04

Own All Your Data

All data generated from the applications are stored in your own cloud servers.

Feature 05

Cloud Automation

With our platofrm, you can set up a virtual machine and deploy an application in less than 10 mintues

Feature 06

All Major Clouds Supported

Whether you are using AWS, Azure, GCP, or go hybrid, use our platform to manage all your resources in one place.

Introducing the Hazl Gallery

Users can publish their AI models and applications in the public gallery or their private galleries. With a click of a button, apps can be deployed to users' own servers

Free to Use
The Public Gallery
  • Access to all public apps
  • Tools to publish your apps
  • Automation tools to deploy apps
  • Online documentations
Custom Pricing
Your Private Gallery
  • Your exclusive app spaces
  • We develop AI applications for you
  • Cloud management service
  • Online technical support

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